3D-floors: modern technologies, recommendations of designers

With the development of modern technology in our life has entered a voluminous schedule. “Live” drawings began to appear on the asphalt and walls of city houses. Street artists are increasingly surprised by the skill and realism of the picture. The new trend is reflected in the interior design. We are talking about ZD-wallpaper on the floor, which enliven the room and give it uniqueness. How to create such a picture, with what interior is combined and how much money it requires, let’s talk in our article.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

Features of creating 3D floors on a new technology

Modern materials allow you to embody the most daring fantasies in the interior, including the creation of ZD-floors on the new technology. Qualitatively performed work is not only a beautiful, but also a reliable floor.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

To create a 3D effect on the floor, you need to prepare a high-quality picture in high resolution or objects that you want to fill in the floor:

  • stones
  • seashells
  • colored sand
  • dried flowers.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

The thicker and better the upper transparent layer, the more realistic the effect of volume will be.The technology itself provides for qualitative preparatory work.

  • Preparation of the base. Usually it is a concrete screed. It is important to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat, without cracks or bumps;
  • Ensure maximum removal of dirt, dust and moisture. If this step is skipped, the bulk polymer material will crack;
  • Installation of printed pattern or decorative objects;
  • Pouring a polymer transparent coating. Mix the solution with a mixer, so as to obtain the most homogeneous mass;
  • Application of the final protective varnish.

Characteristics of 3D-floor types

Self-leveling floors differ in the main component of the mixture being poured. The most popular of them are:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane
  • Cement-acrylic

In general, all liquid floors can be divided into two large groups: one-component and two-component.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

One-component polymer floors

This coating is ideal for technical and utility rooms. In this version, a rich color palette is not needed, but the reliable composition, strength and quality of the fill material is important.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

Two-component polymer floors

Two-component flooded floors are much more widely used. This is the design of office and home premises, where a wide range of color solutions, effects in the form of marble chips, starry sky, golden sand and other textures is required. This kind of floors includes both transparent shades (to create a volumetric effect of the drawings) and matte tones (from light pastels to deep dark colors). Often, during the installation of the flood-proof floor, luminescent dyes are added to the composition, which ultimately creates a tremendous fantastic effect.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

Self-leveling floors with an image: a fantasy in the interior of rooms

Despite the fact that bulk floors with volumetric drawing require much more time and financial costs, this trick in decorating rooms conquers the hearts of owners of country houses and urban apartments. Difficulties in technology and cash inflows eventually pay off with a stunning “wow effect” at the end of the work.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

To choose the right drawing for the embodiment of it in the interior, you need to pay attention to such moments as:

  • Personal preferences and room functionality. If you adore seascapes, sea pebbles and the form of a wave, you do not need to fill such a floor in the bedroom, but rather it is suitable for a bathroom;
  • Psychological message of the image. Too aggressive pictures and drawings with an eerie storyline will not have a positive effect on your state of health and condition.
  • The effect of failure. The illusory picture of a failure in the floor (deep breakage or cracks) acts anxiously on the psyche. A person perceives the earth as something stable, and breaking this feeling, you can get the opposite effect in the end.

To the process of selecting and installing ZD-floors with the image you need to approach seriously and responsibly. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to turn to specialists. The designer’s look and experience of such works will guarantee the embodiment of fiction in the interior, which will delight the view for many years.

How much are 3D floors

Be prepared that the cost of ZD-floors is significantly different from other coatings in 5-10 times. The price for 1 square meter will vary from many factors:

  1. Selection of building mixtures. We have already mentioned that polymeric bottoms are available in several types and manufacturers. The more quality and durable the material, the more it will cost;
  2. Print the image. The picture can be printed on a banner fabric or a vinyl film, and also there is an option of drawing a picture directly on the base with acrylic paints;
  3. Do not forget that the installation of a three-dimensional image implies extensive work on capital repair of the very foundation , and this also “eats” a lot of money.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

Filling 3D floors with an image in the interior

To create ZD-floors, you can use almost any image that inspires, calms or makes you smile. But it is important to remember that this coating is durable, so do not obey the immediate desire or fashion trends. Such drawings will soon become the past, and on the floor you will admire a few more years. Designers recommend choosing neutral, classical motifs: nature, seascape, space theme or animal life.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

Designer 3D flooring in the bathroom

For bathrooms, the polyurethane filling floor is best suited, as a result you will get a thin, but very durable and beautiful finishing layer. And in this version, you can choose the surface texture, glossy or matte. Experts recommend the optimal thickness of the coating in the bathroom is 1.5 mm.

The advantages of pouring floors in the bathroom are obvious. It has no seams, which means that no floods are terrible for you or for neighbors from below. The jellied floor is easy to clean, durable and durable. In addition, it does not form mold and other bacteria that love moisture.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

The most common design decision in the design of ZD-floors in the bathroom is a marine theme. Pebbles with a rolling wave, cute and friendly dolphins, a bright bottom with colorful fish, starfish and seashells.

3D-floors modern technologies, recommendations of designers

3D floors with the image in the bedroom

Using the ZD-floor in the bedroom allows you to make a room stylish, fashionable and unlike. You can not limit your imagination, because you can print on the plotter almost any photo you like in good quality. Since the filler floor with the volumetric image is itself a work of art, make sure that the rest of the interior does not argue with the main motive, but complement it with accessories and a color palette.

An important moment at the stage of selecting a picture is also the presentation of the overall layout of the room. To place furniture it is necessary so that the bed or a case did not close the main elements of the image.

As for the subject, here you can choose and bright vegetative motifs, and elegant interlacing patterns in the oriental style, and even abstraction. In the bedroom of the child it is possible to decorate the floor in the topic that is close to him (sports, music, travel, animals).

Filling 3D floors with a drawing in the living room

With the help of self-leveling ZD-floors, you can visually expand the living room space, make it original and stylish. Strength, fire resistance and durability of polymeric materials gives additional advantages in choosing a floor covering in the living room.

In spacious rooms, ZD-floors look spectacular e, here you can give vent to fantasy. But for small living rooms, you can choose a beautiful and original design, which will be the main accent in the design, or an unusual addition to the general style.

With the decoration of liquid floors, you can zonate the living room space without using additional equipment. This can be done using color, texture, graphic drawing. Such a reception will look spectacular in the living rooms, combined with the kitchen.

3D floors in the interior of the kitchen

For the kitchen, the option of self-leveling polymer floors is ideal. Such a floor is not afraid of water and fire, shockproof and easy to clean. Usually the kitchen area is not as big as the living room or bedroom, and this can save a lot of budget.

The image for the ZD-floor can be selected to the general interior and facades of the kitchen set, and you can accent not exactly the floor, if you plan a set and the overall color scheme in gentle pastel colors.

Juicy orange slices, fresh grass with dew drops, bright flowers, sea surf – all these motifs can be easily used in the design of kitchen floors. Distribute the picture so that the image does not fall under the headset or dining area. If you are not sure how exactly the furniture will be arranged, select for the kitchen a cover with a common background: sea stones, wooden boards, abstraction.

Interior design with the help of flooded ZD-floors with a three-dimensional image is not a simple matter, requiring a lot of patience, imagination, careful calculations and cash injections. But in the end, such an unusual design of the floor will delight you for many years, and cause admiration of friends and relatives.