Children’s crafts made of natural material

Any piece of natural material is always a revelation for the one who creates it. To gather from the usual and boring objects something new and unusual, to embody your ideas with cones, twigs and fruits of interesting shape is so exciting that adults are involved in the lesson. The child thus receives a lot of positive emotions and from the new game, and from communicating with dear people.

Children's crafts made of natural material

The undeniable benefit of constructing from natural material by hand funny toys and beautiful panels is to stimulate imagination and spatial thinking. When working with small details the child develops the motor skills of the fingers, which also affects the development of the brain. But the most important thing for loving parents is the pleasure that the kid gets in the process of creating the next homemade.

Children's crafts made of natural material

What should be prepared for the lesson?

Nature itself provides a huge amount of what is useful for a useful game. Among the details of the future toy or panel of natural material there may be gifts of autumn forest, and sea shells from summer beaches, and a beautiful pebble found in the sandbox. The seeds and fruits of cultivated plants in the garden or park should not be ignored: they are no less diverse than forest treasures.

In addition to the most natural material can come in handy:

  • thin strong sticks (toothpicks, skewers, matches) for connecting parts;
  • wire;
  • curved twigs;
  • paint and brush;
  • plasticine;
  • cardboard or plywood;
  • scissors;
  • awl.

Children's crafts made of natural material

If you need autumn leaves to create a composition, it is best to dry them first. Otherwise, they are deformed, and the picture of natural material will lose all its decorative. For drying, the leaves are placed between the layers of newsprint, covered with an even board and pressed with a small load. In a few days the leaves will dry completely, remaining as colorful and smooth as in the fresh state.

Funny toys for children

Souvenirs made from natural material can easily create a child of both preschool and primary school age. Adults should only show how to fasten parts of the craft. For rigid joints, it is better to use short pointed sticks, and the mobile and curved necks, tails and limbs can be made of thick copper wire.

Children's crafts made of natural material

Large and expressive souvenirs can be made from spruce and pine cones:

  1. The hand-made “Squirrel on the Pine” is made of 3 cones of different sizes. The largest, spruce, will be required for a lush tail. Very good, if it is slightly curved. It is required to pierce the base of this part with a stick and attach it to the base of a smaller cone, which will serve as the torso of the animal. The head can be made from a small pine or larch cone, from an acorn of a rounded shape. This part must be attached by means of a pointed rod to the upper end of the trunk. For strength, you can glue the parts. Maple wings or ash seeds are good for the ears of an animal. They need to be tightly inserted between the scales of the cones or driven into punctured holes in the acorn. Paws cut out of felt, made of wire or curved twigs. For the eyes, use shiny seeds of forest peony, cherry bones or similar materials. Pick up a pine log with a protruding bough and attach a small pine branch to it. Plant a squirrel on a branch and decorate the craft with cones, autumn leaves or artificial snow.
  2. It’s even easier to make a turtle: it takes 1 large open pine cone and an acorn for the head. The cone should be removed from the top so that a semicircular base remains. A curled twig or a piece of wire stuck in a cone, and at the other end to fix the acorn. Paws of a sea turtle perfectly imitate maple lionfishes.
  3. A goldfish from a round cone can decorate itself with a New Year tree. To stick it is enough to glue large eyes from beads or hats of acorns, and for veil tail and fins use bird feathers, painting them in gold color.

Interesting crafts made of cones can be very diverse. For their manufacture, from 1 to several parts of different sizes and all kinds of accompanying elements are required: seeds, feathers, needles.

Children's crafts made of natural material

How do insects on sticks?

Autumn crafts with their own hands – it’s simple, but surprising in its variety of insects on sticks. They can be brought to a kindergarten or school, given to friends or a beloved teacher. Making them takes quite a bit of time, but they are very elegant in themselves, and in composition with a bouquet of leaves.

Children's crafts made of natural material

From horned and prickly seeds of string, burdock, buttercup, you can make charming beetles, spiders and butterflies. To them it is necessary to glue legs or wings. From the boxes of black cherry, poppy, lion’s pharynx, you can create beautiful flowers, putting them on your wand and complementing the lobes of lime, maple, ash or shells of the physalis and small leaves.

How to make a panel of natural material?

A common type of crafts made of natural material for primary school and senior kindergarten groups are paintings from various elements of natural origin. A voluminous landscape, various bouquet autumn compositions from natural materials with their own hands can be performed on a rigid base of cardboard, and in the form of a topiary or a wreath. To connect parts in this case, glue is more often used.

The composition of seashells on the sea theme will be able to recall the serene days of summer holidays by the sea. As a basis, thick cardboard is suitable. To make a panel with a ship, you need 1 large shell of rapana for its body and a lot of flat flaps of different sizes.

Children's crafts made of natural material

To firmly connect the uneven shell to the base, clay or thin wire may be required. Having carefully examined the rapana, you can be sure that it resembles the convex side of a sea vessel. Attach it to the hole to the base. From the leaflets larger it is possible to make the lower sails, placing the shells directly above the body. Moving upwards, you should choose smaller doors. When the boat is ready, you need to draw gouache waves around it, paint the sky blue. Instead of paint, you can use a tinted manga: it lays unevenly on greased cardboard, successfully imitating waves.

After the paint has dried, you can continue decorating the panel: make ornaments in the form of pearls and sea stars lying on the bottom, seaweed from twisted grass, sea turtles made of walnut shell. Limits of fantasy here should not be. To the real artist, the material itself suggests ideas.

Children's crafts made of natural material

Autumn paintings of seeds and leaves

Students of the 1st form and the students of the preparatory group have a tradition: to mark the beginning of the academic year with a morning performance and the creation of competitive souvenirs and panels from natural materials on the theme “Autumn”. Pictures can be made on the basis of cardboard, painted in shades of yellow scale. You can decorate the base with the help of burlap or sisal.

Flowers for such compositions are often collected from various seeds: grains of pumpkin, sunflower, corn. You can make plane pictures by simply gluing several seeds around the central element. By alternating randomly large and small corollas, it is easy to create a bouquet to your taste.

The flowers are very beautiful. They can be made from the same seeds, but glued to the base behind the pointed end. For fixing it is better to use clay: roll the ball and press it firmly against the base. In soft material it is very easy to stick seeds or feathers. Lush roses can be made from the shells of the shells, placing them in this order:

  • fasten the two valves side by side, slightly unlocking them;
  • glue 1 shell perpendicularly to the gap between the flaps;
  • Set 2-3 more pieces around the initial elements, shifting them so that these flaps overlap the connections of the previous ones.

Increasing the number of rows of petals, you need to select shells of a larger size. You can complement the bouquet with bright leaves, which are so rich in autumn, colored with lime seeds, make a vase or basket of acorns or colored beans.

To create a decorative wreath “Autumn” will need a few thin branches (birch, for example) or straw. After collecting the material in a bundle, braiding it in a braid or simply twisting it several times, you need to fix it with a thin wire and connect the ends. The resulting ring will serve as the basis for the composition.

Decorate the wreath can be dried flowers and leaves, fizalis fruits, decorative pumpkins of suitable size, cones of hops. The richness of the material, which the artist bestows on the autumn itself, will help to make a colorful souvenir for her holiday. It is important not to limit the flight of your imagination.

Children's crafts made of natural material

Topiary seeds

Crafts made of natural material for children of primary school age on the theme of “Golden Autumn” can be executed in the form of a three-dimensional tree, reinforced on the base. Often, a small pot or glass is used for this. The trunk of a straight or curved branch can be fixed by filling the base with clay. At the top end, put on a ball rolled from newsprint.

Decorate all the parts. The base can be pasted with multi-colored seeds (beans, soybeans, peas and beans). On the trunk can bloom bright autumn leaves, it is permissible to encircle the flexible stems of hops or loach or decorate to your taste.

The most colorful is the crown of the topiary. Flowers from seeds, painted poppy capsules, acorns, nuts, cones will give the opportunity to express their vision of autumn as a pore of abundance. To complement the decor can be different forest vegetation: dry leaves of the root marble box, ternitus of unusual shape (in the form of a rose, for example), fern leaves, moss, bright hips of dog rose. To attribute such an article to a kindergarten will be very pleasant for the child and mother.

When designing, the baby sometimes can not cope with the material. It is important that he does not remain alone in the process of training: in time to help, adults can support his interest in an exciting game.