Gorgeous Shell Topiary

A stylish modern topiary made of shells can become a real decoration of the house and fill it with positive emotions. Topiary made of shells can be very beautiful and interesting, most importantly, make a little effort to create them.

Nautical Topiary

The topiary made in the marine style looks beautiful. As the materials used to create the topiary, you can use shells, pebbles, wine corks, colorful sand, stars, sea knots and much more. Before you perform a marine-style topiary from shells, you should prepare the following materials and tools:

  • a bottle of sand;
  • stick;
  • foam ball;
  • glue gun;
  • shells;
  • beads;
  • pebbles;
  • coins and other decorations.

Before you start making topiary, you need to dry the sand well in the oven, fill it with a bottle and insert a stick there. A stick of foam must be attached to the stick with hot glue. Using ribbons, you can make the trunk of the future topiary beautiful and textured so that it looks like a real tree.



When the base for the topiary is prepared, you can begin to decorate the product. You need to take the shells of interesting and bizarre shapes and stick them with hot glue to the foam ball. If the shells do not adhere well to polystyrene, then the ball can initially be glued with paper. When everything is attached, between the elements you can insert sea stones, coins, beads, which will act as pearls, and many other jewelry, it all depends on your own imagination.

To add a touch of romanticism and special lightness to the product, you can pin flowers made of lace with a pin. You can add a few blue glass pebbles to the sea topiary, as this will add a touch of the sea wave. When decorating the topiary, it is important to observe the measure, not to overdo it with details, since otherwise the craft will not look very neat.

Topiary made from seashells

From sea shells it is quite possible to make an original and unusual topiary, which will charge with positive energy, remind you of summer days. Before working, you need to wash the shells well with a detergent and dry them well.

Then you need to prepare a glue gun, a foam ball, a flower pot and decorations. When the shells dry well, they must be glued to the foam ball, while leaving as little free space as possible. To glue the shell, a little hot glue should be applied to it and applied to the foam ball.

In the place where the topiary trunk will be attached, free space must be left. To fill the free space between the shells, you need to decorate the ball with beads and a jute rope, from which you need to make beautiful spirals and bows. Prepared decorative elements must be attached to a foam ball.

The flower pot needs to be wrapped with jute twine, gluing it with special hot glue. When the pot is ready, you need to carefully coat it with varnish, as this will fix the rope and make the pot more interesting. After drying the varnish, you need to make decor with shells on the upper part of the base.

As an additional decoration, you can make a bow from twine or decorative ribbons. After that, you just need to prepare the trunk for the topiary. As a trunk, a branch will act, which also needs to be wrapped with twine. To collect the topiary, you need to stick the prepared barrel to the foam ball. If there is empty space on the ball, then you need to glue several shells or beautiful beads to completely cover all empty places.

Now you need to start installing the topiary in the prepared base. To plaster the topiary, you need to take alabaster and water. Dilute the alabaster with water, pour the mixture into the base prepared for the tree, and install the topiary. The mixture dries quickly, so after about an hour it will be possible to decorate alabaster.

To perform the decor, you need to well coat the alabaster with PVA glue and densely sprinkle with sand. Leave the topiary for several hours until the glue has completely dried. Then you need to remove excess sand and attach the decor to the resulting soil using hot glue.


Beautiful pearl shell topiary

Literally in 2-3 hours it is quite possible to make an unusual topiary from shells with your own hands, the master class of which is distinguished by its simplicity, so everyone can make it.

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Before you start work, you must first prepare such materials and tools:

  • capacity for performing the base;
  • gypsum;
  • glue gun;
  • Food sticks;
  • satin ribbon;
  • foam ball;
  • flat seashells;
  • blue sisal;
  • white beads or faux pearls.

You need to make a gypsum mixture and transfer it to the prepared base. Then set vertically 1 or 2 chopsticks. Wait until the gypsum has completely hardened and proceed with the creation of the crown.

To make the crown of the tree, you need to take a foam ball, put it on the top of the chopstick and fix it with hot glue. To decorate a tree trunk, you need to attach a satin ribbon near the ball itself, then wrap the chopsticks, slightly layering the next layer on the previous one. The end of the tape must be attached with glue at the bottom, near the base.


The next row can be done in exactly the same way, only by shifting the main element a little lower, and glue them so that they half overlap the joints of the petals made in the first row. Repeat this procedure until the entire ball is completely covered with shells. In the end, you can make additional petals, deviated slightly down from the main flower.

For greater fastening strength and additional decoration, you can use cone-shaped shells that need to be glued between the lower petals and the flower itself.

When the top of the topiary is ready, you need to decorate the base. To do this, paint the base with white acrylic paint and immediately make a few brush strokes in random order with blue paint. Thus, you can create unique overflows of shades of blue, like in a real sea.

Cover the gypsum part with a blue sisal, which must be glued to the base. To make a shell with pearls, you need to glue between each other 2 sinks, leaving them slightly ajar, and put a pearl bead inside. Lay the sink under the tree and glue it too.

The base can be additionally decorated with ribbons, shells and beads. The shells located at the top of the tree can also be decorated with beautiful beads.


Creating a tree of happiness with flowers from shells

The tree of happiness, decorated with shells, can be absolutely any according to the stylistic decision. You can make beautiful and unusual flowers from flat multi-colored shells to create a crown. For the manufacture of each individual flower, you need to take 3 of the largest shells and 3 small ones, and a bead or a round shell is well suited for the core of the flower.

Glue larger and smaller shells separately with sharp tips to each other, thereby obtaining 2 simple flowers. Place a smaller flower in the middle of a large flower, slightly shifting the petals of the upper and lower rows to the side, you need to glue them together. Thus, you get a beautiful flower. When all the flowers are prepared, you need to attach them to the base for the topiary.

The resulting gaps between the flowers can be filled with conical shells or beads. Thus, an unusual and very beautiful tree will turn out. On its top, you can glue a decorative butterfly, which will serve as an additional decoration.



Topiary decoration options

When creating a marine-style topiary and using shells to decorate, you can use a variety of options for decorating the crown of a tree, it all depends on your own preferences and stylistic decisions. The crown of the tree itself can have a different shape, namely, it can be made in the form of:

  • ball;
  • cone;
  • Christmas trees
  • stars.

Before gluing shells to the top of the tree, you can create a background, in particular, use sisal blue, which will give the craft a marine style. As a decor for the topiary, you can use sinks of various shapes and sizes, decorative pebbles of different colors, satin ribbons, jute rope, beads and much more, it all depends on your own imagination.

If rhinestones are additionally randomly arranged, this will make the composition more light and create visual accents. When using shells, you need to correctly combine their colors and shades, since if all the shells are the same color, then the composition will seem somewhat boring, and when you combine a large number of tones, it will become overloaded.

When executing a topiary from shells, it is necessary to give preference to the style of minimalism and approach the creation of a composition quite restrained. sourse