New kind of house-crafts: weaving from newspaper tubes

There are many techniques for making crafts for the house with their own hands. One of them is weaving from newspaper tubes. The newspapers proved to be a suitable material, capable of replacing in the woven products a well-known vine of deciduous trees.


This is the most accessible kind of needlework, allowing to create beautiful and practical things for the house. To begin to weave beautiful hand-made articles from newspaper tubes, you need to spend a minimum of money. Experienced craftsmen from this improvised material make different kinds of baskets and baskets (of the kind), trays and pencils, containers for bulk substances, candy bars and even furniture, bags and clothes.

Materials and tools for weaving

The list of necessary materials and tools is small. All necessary is available in almost every house, especially where there are schoolchildren:

  • newspapers and other paper products;
  • adhesive PVA or other types of glue, quickly gluing paper;
  • knitting needle;
  • scissors or a knife for cutting paper;
  • ruler;
  • clothespins or large paper clips;
  • paints;
  • varnish;
  • three-layer napkins for decoupage.

Wicker products do not only from newspapers, you can use pages of glossy magazines, A4 sheets, paper wallpapers.

Below is a step-by-step description of the process of making woven hand-made articles from paper with their own hands.

Weave from newspaper tubes begin from watching videos explaining the rules and the process of making different products. Having received the initial information about the new material for weaving, any beginner can start making his first craft. So, weave a basket of newspaper tubes.

Basic stages of weaving

The first stage is the preparation of a newspaper “vine”. Prepared newspapers must be cut with a stationery knife to cut the paper into strips 5-10 cm wide. To make them even and accurate, you can use the ruler. Instead of a clerical knife, you can cut the paper for blanks with a knife with a replaceable blade. This kind of knife is used in scrapbooking.

After getting acquainted with the process of how to make a braid, you can practice to make this material on short strips of paper. And weave a basket of newspaper tubes better from long blanks.

Twist the cut pieces into a tube advised on a flat surface. The cut out paper stock is put on the table. To one of its corners apply a knitting needle at an acute angle. Filling the corner of the newspaper under the spoke, begin to twist the strip into a tube. The paper is tightened tightly, so that the tube turns out to be tight. As a result, one edge of the workpiece can get a little thicker than the other. This is a normal result, but this difference in thickness should not be large.

New kind of house-crafts weaving from newspaper tubes_5

To prevent the workpiece from spinning, the corner of the sheet is glued to the surface of the tube. The glue is selected for such a density and consistency, in which the sheets immediately grasp and glue together.

The correct definition of the direction of the fibers on the sheet of paper is as follows. It is necessary to draw nails along its edge. If a ripple appeared along the cutting line, then this is the transverse direction of the fibers. In the longitudinal direction, irregularities are not formed. In order for the tubes to hold the mold well, they need to be twisted in the longitudinal direction of the paper fibers.

Before weaving, you can do the painting of blanks. Paint tubes on baskets from newspaper sheets, which will not be decorated with napkins for decoupage. You can make a beautiful basket, but badly painted sides of the tubes will bring to nothing the work done. For painting paper “vines” it is better to use acrylic paints. They do not affect the flexibility of the material prepared for braiding. The completed view of the products from paper tubes is attached by coating their surface with acrylic lacquer.

The next stage is the weaving of the bottom. A round basket of newspaper tubes is the best example from which beginners can begin training. It can be made for the fast holiday of Easter. Many craftsmen are already preparing jewelry for this day. More often it is a round basket or a tray of paper tubes, colorful Easter eggs made in the technique of spiral weaving. They are painted in different colors. Fold in the basket or to the eggs attach the original pendants and hang the decoration on the wall or doors.

The weaving of a round basket or a vase from newspaper tubes consists of several not very complicated steps. To begin with, you can make the bottom solid by cutting it out of a thick cardboard.

To hide the ends of the tubes glued to the base, cut out 2 cardboard circles of the desired diameter. Stick sticks are glued to the bottom circle, and then closed by the top of the bottom. In the lower part, holes can be made a hole punch and the base sticks can be inserted into them. Weaving baskets step by step is well described in many articles of handmade craftsmen.

For a small basket you need 30-50 ready-made sticks. It will not be difficult to make it the bottom by weaving. For the bottom you need 8 paper sticks. They lay out in pairs and intertwined with each other.

New kind of house-crafts weaving from newspaper tubes_4

Implementation of the bottom part

One working tube is folded in half and wrapped around it with the first 4 rays. The beginning of the weaving is marked with a marker along the edge of the first ray. To the design does not crumble, they are fixed with clothespins. The ends of the tube are intertwined and cover the next 4 rays.

After the end of the series weave from newspaper tubes continue, covering not 4 rays, but only 2. So weave the bottom of the product of the desired diameter. According to the same algorithm, furniture from newspaper tubes flutters. For furniture it is better to use wallpaper instead of newspaper. Tape glued from the wallpaper is more rigid and resistant to damage. Furniture frame is made of wood or aluminum profile.

New kind of house-crafts weaving from newspaper tubes

You can weave baskets from newspaper tubes using a scheme for making articles from the vine. The base sticks are bent to the middle. To facilitate the weaving, put a container of suitable diameter on the bottom. The beams of the base are attached to the top of the container with clothespins so that they do not disintegrate. So the first 3 side rows are weaved, then the clothespins and the container are removed. Paper stick is laid over one beam of the base, then under the 2nd, above the 3rd, under the 4th and so alternately to the desired height of the product.

If the paper billet ends, a wider part of the next tube is worn on its slender end, whereby it lengthens.

New kind of house-crafts weaving from newspaper tubes_3

All subsequent rows need to be tightly pressed together so that the work does not fall apart. Each handicraft is given its own color. One of the methods is the openwork weaving. It is obtained by adding beads or ribbons to the posts of the cover or sides.

If pre-prepared paper wand sticks were not painted, then this can be done at this stage. In addition to varnishes and paints, you can use an alcoholic stain based on acrylic. This same water-based material is better not to use, as the newspaper base under the influence of water becomes wet and deformed.

The next stage – weaving knobs for a basket of newspaper tubes or a lid for a box, then at the end of the weaving will get a decorative chest for small things.

How to weave a pen to crafts?

How to weave a pen to products from newspaper tubules for beginners, is well described on the forums of needlewomen. To make a handle to a basket or candy bar on both sides of the craft, opposite each other leave 3 beams of the base. The remaining sticks bend into the inside of the product and are fixed in its walls with glue and clips. The long ends of the base are pruned.

3 beams are glued together with a small amount of glue and fixed with a clothespin. They are lapped over the center of the handle and carefully braided with a paper blank. After the end of the process of weaving, the tube is glued, pierced between the beams of the base and fixed with a clothespin until it dries. Strength of the product is given by spreading all of its surface with PVA glue. Especially this stage is necessary in the case when a laundry basket is made of paper blanks.

New kind of house-crafts weaving from newspaper tubes_2

Weaving from newspaper tubes allows us to complement the interior of the house with exclusive accessories. Many needlewomen are interested in how to weave a basket or a box with a lid. After all, crafts in this technique have the form no worse than rattan. Decorated with pictures of napkins for decoupage, they become works of art. Such crafts are very much appreciated by handmade lovers. Weave the lid for the basket according to the scheme of manufacturing the bottom. Only it should be slightly larger than the diameter of the box itself.

Weaving from newspaper tubes with increasing skill level can become a source of money income to the family budget.