What is a rose from foamiran?

If you need a rose from foamiran, a master class on its production must be viewed in detail and carefully. This craft is another wonderful manifestation of the imagination of needlewomen who realize their creative ideas and abilities with the help of new textured material.

Material Description

Foamiran is a synthetic fabric, named after the Iranian company, which accounts for its main supplies. Its true awesome chemical name is ethylene vinyl acetate. Jobs from foamiran are widespread, because the material has an incredible palette of color shades, rich decorative properties, the ability to take and maintain shape, subject to relatively little heat. For any crafts, a pattern is required.

Products made of foamiran are practical and aesthetically pleasing, and the poetic name has long replaced the previously used prosaic words “foam rubber” or “artificial suede”. Craftswomen have come up with countless forms and options for applying the decorative properties of an unusual material and are willing to share the secrets of manufacturing:

  • flowers from foamiran;
  • brooches;
  • rims;
  • toys;
  • flower arrangements.

Rose has become one of the most beloved motifs used at the moment when a bouquet of foamiran is created.

Foamiran – the abyss of opportunity

The Iranian foamiran’s palette has 22 shades, but this is not at all the limit of possibilities. It is easy to paint the material for flowers with the help of special compositions (oil or acrylic, oil pastels), giving it the shade that the demanding craftsman lacks. Even brand houses of European fashion make jewelry from foamiran because they perfectly complement outfits for special occasions.

The main scope of foam rubber is decorative bouquets and floral arrangements, but fashion jewelry stores have recently launched a new trend – brooches with flowers from foamiran. This type of fabric makes beautiful outfits for doll souvenir compositions, summer bags, and flowers from foamiran – an indispensable element of interior decoration, clothing, shoes and even furniture.

It is easy to force the material to take the required shape by heating (it is quite simple to crush it in your hands). With the help of elementary devices, it is possible to make holes in it that are necessary for the realization of the plan. Ready-made roses from foamiran made with your own hands to ennoble the home interior, or handmade bags can be easily rinsed to clean from dust, because the fabric is absolutely not afraid of water.

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With foamiran roses there is the greatest number of decorative objects, because, despite the splendor and complexity of the flower in nature, in floristry it is one of the simplest materials to manufacture. But he is also the most beautiful element. For example, a foamiran brooch is capable of capturing the eyes of even the most spoiled jewelry lovers.

How to make a beautiful rose: tools and materials

To start making a beautiful flower, which can then be used for the most whimsical decorative purposes, you will need a certain amount of tools, materials, auxiliary tools. First of all, we need artificial suede itself of the shade that is designed for certain purposes.

If you are planning a wedding bouquet or a wreath, you will need a foamiran of white, pink, sky blue or pale yellow shade, that is, pastel colors, and for home decor you can apply colors and more vibrant to match the basic decision of the room. Necessarily need green to make sepals and foliage on the stem. Emerald, bottle or dark green shades come in handy here. A foamiran bezel can be made to match the clothes.

The fabric is perfectly cut with sewing scissors, and for making holes, a composter for scrapbooking is useful, although you can do with awl for the first time. You can use any heating device to create the form, although in some workshops they use fire for this purpose, which gives the flower an amazing realism. Masterclasses will tell you how to do it right.

Foamiran stretches perfectly, but to a certain limit. Otherwise, the fabric will become thinner, in the future this place will be rubbed, torn or cracked, which is especially undesirable in the manufacture of everyday items: handbags, rims. All the tools on the table, the glue is prepared, there is a scheme, there is an idea of ​​decoration, a clear idea of ​​what I want to get at the exit, but the question arose of how to make a rose from foamiran. Work should be done in stages, making parts, and then collecting them into a single floral arrangement.

When making a stem from foamiran, it is required to use light green material to create delicate pink and white buds, for red and burgundy – a bottle, dark one is better. It will take wire and glue to fix the matter. Gently pulling the fabric, wrap the wire, securing with glue at the beginning and end. The sepals are made a little darker. A bouquet of roses can be arranged by connecting small pieces of wire from a flower and fixing them on one long stick. So the roses from foamiran will be light, and the bouquet will be magnificent.

Creating a bouquet, it is appropriate to decorate it with foliage. The sepals are formed by warming up floriculture tools, vein the foliage, attaching thin wires wrapped in faux suede or floral tape to the lower edge of the leaf plate.

The sepals are assembled from the details, forming the characteristic foliage of a rose, which is then attached to the trunk, bouquet or decorated item. Small roses from foamiran require tiny elaborate leaves, but look great in combination with the foliage of other plants. A rose pattern can be made independently or found in the literature.


Decorations from foamiran: non-classical floriculture

Floriculture gives the craftsmen tremendous opportunities: using improvised materials, it is possible to create a fragile illusion of life. But the material expands the horizons: details that can get wet and not deteriorate, give a rim with flowers from foamiran for the pool. Such jewelry is not afraid of rain, wear-resistant, that is, ideal for little princesses.

An incredible peony-shaped rose from foamiran can become a bright accent in a model swimsuit, a bewitching and surreal accessory on an autumn cloak. A wreath of such roses is perfect for Renaissance style photo shoots. Peony roses are easy to make using patterns.

Foamiran brooches in the form of insects and birds, boats, cars, weapons decorate young ladies and delight children. The wreath is made out not only with roses and other flowers, but also outlandish birds; peacock feathers are created from pieces of foam. The material is great for playing out the yin-yang motif. The combination of black and white is an eternal classic, and the philosophical concept of the relativity of positive and negative gives a brooch from foamiran.

To decorate and ennoble

Stylized photo shoots require bright accessories. Wicker rims from foamiran are actively used to implement the ethno-style. Bugs and butterflies, ants are excellent miniature elements on a wreath made of polymer clay. For a rose – a noble flower – additional decorations are not required, it is beautiful in itself, it can be freshened with dew drops from glue.

But for wildflowers, ladybugs and dragonflies come in handy. Weaving ribbons into bouquets, using fabric will significantly enliven the composition. Headbands made of large bright peonies are a classic delicate accessory for a romantic spring photo shoot. There is a huge demand for a wreath of wildflowers, formed due to the popularization of the ethno-style, where until now the floral motif has been used relatively little.